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Den Meetings and (Updated) Blake Island

This week we have Den meetings to prepare for Blake Island and we ship out to Blake Island starting Friday evening.


  • Den Meeting
    • When:
      •  WednesdayWork with Den Dad to establish location and time (Bryant is not available)
    • What: 
      • Plan food and gear for Blake Island
      • Build Den Flag - take pride as we plan to use these at every campout this year
      • Start working on skit and Den Cheer
Blake Island Campout

See below for gear & guidance as well as the campout schedule



Blake Island Campout – Gear & Guidance



Gear to Bring


  • Tent, Rain fly & Ground Cover
  • Canopy, Tarp & Rope (for rain cover)
  • Sleeping Bag & pad/pillow
  • Toiletries
  • Extra Clothes / Extra Shoes
  • Towel for Sea Otter Swim / Shower
  • Pocket Knife for Cub (to earn safety certificate)
  • Swim Suit for both Parent & Cub
  • Beach/Water Shoes (Sea Otter Swim)
  • Camp stool or lawn chairs
  • Charcoal for campfire
  • Camera
  • Sun Screen & Bug Juice
  • Snacks, water bottle (for hike)
  • Warm Jacket / Gloves / Hat
  • Rain jacket (think layers)
  • Assigned Den Food & Cooking supplies – stove, fuel, cookware, etc.
  • Personal Mess Kit (plate/ bowl/ cup/ utensils – per person)
  • Lantern, headlamp and/or flashlight
  • Medication
  • Quarters for showers



Den Meeting to Do Prior to Blake Island Trip


  • Coordinate Den food
  • Coordinate Den cooking gear
  • Make Den Flag
  • Come up with Den Cheer
  • Come up with Den Skit
  • Decide on advancements, if any
  • Decide on Den recycling plan for the campout – Gang Green to assist
  • Dens who want their own charcoal or wood fire, bring additional charcoal or wood for your den



Gear Transport

Most people pack their gear into Rubbermaid tubs and transport all with a hand truck or wagon, or use a green recycle bin.  Practice loading at home and see how it drives, then disassemble for the car ride.  Strap it all down tight at the Seattle docks.  You have some steep loading ramps up and down to the boats.  The distance between the Blake dock and the camp sites is about ¼ mile.







Getting There

We’ve chartered boats from Argosy Cruises (phone: 206-623-1445).  These are scheduled to depart from Pier 55 in downtown Seattle at the following times:

  • Friday 9/19 @ 5:15 PM
  • Saturday 9/20 @ 9:00 AM.  

For both departures, it’s important arrive about 30 minutes or more before the sailing times, as loading the boat and arranging all of our gear will take some time.

We return on a single boat from Blake Island on Sunday 9/21 at 12:30 PM, arriving at Pier 55 at about 1:30.



Alternative Travel

Argosy has other departures for Blake Island if the ones above do not work with your schedule, though the pack will not pick up costs.  Please refer to the Argosy website ( for more information about these.  Fares for adults and children are $40/$20 respectively.


Go Green !! - Pack it in, Pack it out !!

Please avoid overuse of disposable paper goods – instead use non-disposable plates, cups, and utensils. Dens should be prepared to collect and carry home all recyclables.


To the Campsites

When we arrive at the island, we have a short and flat hike to the campsites by the beach.  Dens camp together at sites claimed on a first-come-first-served basis.  


Sleeping Arrangements

Bring your own tent / sleeping bags, etc.  Restrooms are located nearby.  Showers are available as well (buy tokens at the Ranger Station). 



Dens should plan and prepare their food as a group.  It is necessary to plan for all meals and snacks, except for the main course on Saturday -- salmon, provided by the Pack.  It is cooked Native American Style!  Each Den is requested to provide a volunteer to assist with the prep/cooking.  There is a concession stand at the Ranger station that sells some snacks, propane bottles, charcoal, etc - cash only though. 



The Island is inhabited by some the Northwest’s most aggressive raccoons.  Please keep your distance from the animals.  Do not feed them and by all means, make sure that your food is stored in animal proof containers with secure lids and not in your tent.  The nearby ranger station provides garbage-can-sized containers for this purpose.  Raccoons will start coming out at dusk, so secure everything prior to heading to the Pack campfire.  Deer are also present – they are out even in the daytime and will eat any food left out.  Beware of pellet piles! 


Fun Activities

This weekend has a full schedule of fun planned!  There is plenty to do to keep you on the edge of your camp chair:  the sea otter swim, a fishing derby, Cub Scout advancements, whittling chip safety class, the Pack camp fire with song and ceremony (prepare your skits!) and then, of course, there is the awesome beach, the views, and the friendships that blossom on the island. 





Pack 144 Cub Scouts are Safe


·        Don't wander outside of tent area without an adult

·        Beach boundary is in line with the outer tents

·        Don't touch or pick up glass or sharp objects you may find

·        Use caution in wood forts, test for strength

·        No sharp sticks or sword fights

·        No one on the docks without an adult

·        No running on the dock

·        Use caution with fish hooks

·        Do not feed the deer or raccoons, keep your distance




Pack 144 Cub Scouts are Courteous


·        No running or roughhousing onboard the Argosy boats

·        Wait your turn getting on and off the Argosy boats

·        Do not touch or board private boats moored at the Blake docks

·        Stay off the Argosy dock at Blake until boarding time

·        Leave your campsite and Blake Island cleaner than you found it



(Please Note Updated Departure Times)











Dock Drop Off at Pier 55

Load Gear on Boat

Boat Departure

Arrive Blake Island

Mini Opening Circle

Den Time

Lanterns Out






Dock Drop Off at Pier 55


Breakfast & Camp Break-Down


Load Gear on Boat


Flag Judging


Boat Departure


Beach Clean-up


Arrive Blake, Set up


Stage gear at departure dock


Opening Circle
Den Cheers
Den Flags on Display!


Closing Circle &

Nut Sale Kickoff


New Dads with Akela & NCC


Group Photo




Load Gear on Boat




Boat Departure

1:00 – 3:00

Fishing Derby & Den Advancements

(Bobcat Badge!)


Arrive in Seattle


Salmon Prep




Whittling Chip & Den Activities




Sea Otter Swim




Skit Practice




Dinner & Total Clean-up








Webelos Campfire




Lanterns Out




Document Actions

Pack 144 Camp Out Dates for 2014-15

Put them on the family calendar  today!

Blake Island Sept 19 - 21, 2014
Mt Baker Snow Camp    Jan 23 - 25, 2015

Optional early arrival: Thursday, Jan 22
Fort Flagler March 20 - 22, 2015
Camp Shelton May 15 - 17, 2015
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